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Bandcamp. If you've heard of it you'll know why we are using it! If you've not heard of it you'll thank us for telling you!

Can you imagine a website where bands can upload full resolution audio files (.aiff) and you can chose what type of format your download is, and there's a minimum of third party overheads reducing the band's income.

Imagine no more because that's what Bandcamp is. By starting with the highest possible quality source, they’re able to convert our tracks into a bunch of different format and quality combinations for you to listen to, including MP3 (320, VBR V0), Ogg Vorbis, Apple Lossless, FLAC and AAC (aka .m4a or iTunes store format)

You can see why we have chosen bandcamp as our supply partner for our downloads.

Having said that In the days of our demo recordings the facilities available to up-coming bands were rather basic compared to this century!

The demo tracks were mostly recorded on a cassette based "portastudio" or in some cases directly off the sound desk at gigs but this also imbues the tracks with a certain 'patina', which given their 30+ years age is quite fitting, so please understand that these are not modern recording studio quality. We're currently leaving the tracks open for streaming so you can hear what you are getting before buying!

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Ronnie Brown

As we grow older, we reflect on what has gone by and begin to recognise what has been important. There are memories of youth and vitality; and risk and adventure, but as the years go by, the bright lights that lit up our youth begin to fade. Friends begin to leave the stage one by one, until we are left alone.


There is a realisation that none of us have actually owned anything – even though the gathering of possessions and wealth will have dominated most of our effort and toil. We regret the things we did not have the courage to attempt and often look upon our achievements with contempt.


So, what endures at the end? When everything is weighed up, what has had dominion in our lives? The musical themes attempt to be majestic – in the way that life is.



Paul Mackie

“Love will have dominion” Indeed Ronnie.


Lyrical genius in my opinion, great melody and hopefully I did it justice.






Graeme MurrayGraeme's comments coming soon.








Niall Matthewson

This is a Ronnie Brown composition and what it all means is best left to him to explain because I wont be able to do it justice.


If anybody saw the Youtube video of me recording the guitar solo, I apologise now as I was having a spinal tap moment (complete with violin). I also managed to use my trusty old E-bow on this one.




Colin FraserColin's comments coming soon.








Stand on the outside look from within

Yesterday's gone a new day begins

The rite of spring has gone with the wind

Nothing remains

Nothing to lose

Nothing to gain.    

Raise your arms

Reach for your dominion

Your heart 

Your soul


Love will have dominion over each and every thing

Love will build Jerusalem 

Love will have dominion 


We are cast in a play by an unknown hand

Riding the wave or lost in the sands

Then we leave the stage, one by one

Alone at the end when the play is done


A step in the river, the river of change

The ripple is carried away

Resist the tide of ideology

And turn the wheels of history


To live without

To dance alone 

To open your heart

And seek dominion


Love will have dominion over each and every thing

Love will build Jerusalem 

Love will have dominion 


Keep looking for a miracle 

Suddenly there's no time to kill

One step closer to the edge looking down


Losing sight of the guiding light 

Someone to lead us from wrong to right

Great is the mind that moves the hand

That writes the law that dominates man


Love will have dominion over each and every thing 


When youth has flown

From the fully grown

Saving the last dance

But everyone's gone


Love will have dominion

One voice

One song

One heart

One love 


Love will build Jerusalem

One voice

One song

One heart

One love



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